Student Groups

When it comes to speaking out for human rights and bringing rights violators to justice, Amnesty International USA’s student and youth members are on the frontlines!  Amnesty International’s Student Program is an excellent, engaging way for young people to learn about human rights issues, educate peers and the greater community about these issues, and take direct action.  Our vibrant student and youth groups undertake actions form public demonstrations and letter writing, to teach-ins and meeting with elected officials.  Rhode Island is home to six college and high school groups who work on a variety of issues under the leadership of the Student Area Coordinator.  Make an impact and join these youth activists.  There is no better way to become involved in global issues than to organize or join a student group on your campus.  In doing so, you will be on your way to shining the light on human rights and becoming an important part of Amnesty International movement in Rhode Island!  For more information on each student group, please see the following group pages.  Interested in starting a student group at your school or joining an existing student group? Contact your Student Area Coordinator today!


Don’t forget to register your school group for this school year! Register now to receive Amnesty International materials and resources, special rates and voting rights at Amnesty’s regional and annual conferences, and your own page on the Amnesty International Rhode Island website!  To register, visit and contact your Student Area Coordinator.  Take your Amnesty International experience to a whole new level and register today!


We look forward to working with you!